Through the heart of California’s largest metropolitan area, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area extend from Elysian Park overlooking Los Angeles City Hall to the Oxnard Plain. The Santa Monica Mountains are unique to California as a largely undeveloped coastal range in the midst of a major metropolitan area with both coastal and mountain ecosystems.

While the range itself is a physically and ecologically integrated area of over 223,000 acres, a history of fragmented political jurisdictions led to piecemeal development and uncoordinated planning which threatened to ruin the area’s natural open space and recreational value.

More about our lands

Headwaters Corner at Calabasas & Dry Canyon Creek – a crucial link

A 92-acre gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains that includes MRT's headquarters, he goal of Headwaters Corner at Calabasas is to create a unique educational center that will generate a population of future land stewards dedicated to protecting and preserving the biological diversity of the Santa Monica Mountains. Learn more...

Cold Creek Preserve

1600 acres protecting one of southern California’s most pristine free-flowing creeks, Cold Creek, and its surrounding ecosystems. It is one of the few perennial streams in the area. Cold Creek is designated as a Significant Ecological Area (SEA) within the Santa Monica Mountains. Learn more...

La Sierra Preserve

Part of a larger area designated as a SEA based on the presence of natural habitat supporting rare, threatened or endangered plant and animal species, the La Sierra Preserve is home to many locally uncommon plants as well as a surrounding watershed with several water features including perennial streams, ephemeral streams, seeps and vernal pools. Learn more...