TPLT’s headquarters is on a 12-acres site owned by the City of Calabasas and managed by TPLT. The site is a portion of Headwaters Corner at Calabasas, which is a 92-acre gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains. Mountains. The goal of Headwaters Corner at Calabasas is to create a unique educational center that will generate a population of future land stewards dedicated to protecting and preserving the biological diversity of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Headwaters Corner includes Dry Canyon Creek, a Los Angeles River headwater.  The health of not only the wildland near Dry Canyon Creek, but of local communities and the Los Angeles River itself is affected by the health of the headwaters.  A vigorous riparian habitat benefits local communities by providing such ecosystem services such as: natural flood control, soil protection, water storage, groundwater recharge, pollution and excess sediment trapping, nutrient recycling, and biological diversity creation and maintenance.  Finally, headwaters streams sustain downstream ecosystems, like the Los Angeles River through their water storage, filtering and cleaning mechanisms.  These streams recharge the San Fernando Valley aquifer, which constitutes a significant percentage of Los Angeles’ drinking water.

Because Headwaters Corner at Calabasas is a demonstration, as well as an education center, the restoration and maintenance of Dry Canyon Creek is significant on yet another level.  Outside environmental organizations and government agencies are welcome to study, discuss and observe creek restoration techniques used at Dry Canyon Creek, enhancing their own plans for the restoration of other riparian habitats.

Headwaters Corner at Calabasas hosts a varied habitat representative of the Mediterranean biome, which encompasses much of the Santa Monica Mountains.  The natural habitat includes five distinctive plant communities including:  woodland, riparian, grassland, coastal sage scrub, and wetland.  Headwaters Corner at Calabasas also includes a historic homestead called the Masson House.

Headwaters Corner at Calabasas is currently under construction and not open to the public, as the building and surrounding area was damaged from the Old Fire in Calabasas.  We are in the process of restoring the oak woodlands, coastal sage scrub, and other habitats that were destroyed.  We now have plans to create an environmental learning center that will show how we can live in an urban-wildlife setting for the community and beyond. There will be native gardens, interpretive activities, a community presentation room, public bathrooms, and more. More information coming soon…

Our office is now temporarily housed next to the old office, at the historic Masson House, 23075 Mulholland Highway, Calabasas, CA 91302.  Please park in the main parking lot and walk over to find us.

    • Cold Creek Preserve Restoration

      The Cold Creek Preserve protects the headwaters of Cold Creek, one of the few year-round streams in the Santa Monica Mountains and a major upland tributary to Malibu Creek.