Cold Creek Docent Fall 2019 Training Classes

October 7th – December 9th 

TBD: Introduction to UCLA Stunt Ranch & the Docent Program – Led by the Cold Creek Docents

TBD: Mediterranean Climates & Southern California as a Global Hot Spot – Led by Bill Selby, Biology Professor Emeritus, Santa Monica College 

TBD: The World of the Early Chumash & Tongva People – Led by Ted Garcia, Chumash Chief & Elder   

                                                       TBD: Ethnobotany: Native Plants as Food & Spiritual Connection the the World of the                                                                    Native People – Led by Kat High, Hupa Elder 

                                                       TBD: Nature’s Natural Systems or How the World Works – Led by Suzanne Goode, Senior                                                                Park Ecologist, CA State Parks 

                                                     TBD: Psssst: The Little Critters that Run the World – Led by Jim Hogue, Entomologist, CA                                                                  State University, Northridge 

                                                          TBD: Soil is Not a Dirty Word! – Led by Dawn Afman, Soil Conservationist, Natural Resources                                                            Conservation Science, Oxnard 

                                                          TBD:  Amazing Rocks: How the Santa Monica Mountains Came to Be – Led by Judy                                                                        Rundel, Geology Professor Emeritus, CA State University, Dominguez Hills 

                                                          TBD: A Practical Look at What Happens in a Watershed – Led by Nancy Helsley,                                                                                Environmental Educator 

                                                          TBD: A Cultural Artifact “Make It” Workshop – Led by Oscar Ortiz, Cultural Specialist