Keeping the Wildlands Wild

Acquiring and protecting the various habitats of the Santa Monica Mountains through funding from government grants and private donations.


Supporting and promoting responsible recreation while educating people on habitat awareness and how they can help maintain, and even improve the ecosystem as they enjoy it.

Restoring the Land

Renewing and restoring one of the largest intact and most significant examples of Mediterranean-type ecosystems in the world.


Researching the ecosystems we protect so we can best approach efforts to maintain or restore these resources.

Building Stewardship

Developing public awareness and educational outreach programs to promote land conservation and a healthy environment - now and in the future.

Get Involved

Volunteer or Donate. Choose a cause to help. All forms of help are welcomed. However you choose to help, it is appreciated!

Why you should join the mission

Conservation is educational and rewarding.

It can also be healthy and fun!

Help us save the natural habitats of the Santa Monica Mountains!