What Types of Species Do We Have in the Santa Monica Mountains?


We are so lucky to have a rich community of flora and fauna here in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Ever wondered just how many species we have?  Take a look at this list!

  • Mammals : 50 Species
  • Birds : 400 Species
  • Amphibians : 35 Species
  • Vertebrates : 450 Species
  • Reptiles : 25 Species
  • Special Amphibians : 5 Salamander Species, 6 Frog and Toad Species (2 are introduced)

Rare or in decline species:

  • Two-striped garter snake
  • Coastal western whip-tailed lizard
  • San Diego mountain king snake
  • Legless lizards
  • Western pond turtle – extremely rare

These animals are found in 12 Santa Monica Mountains natural communities and 26 different vegetation types.

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